Perhaps the most popular tool is KahootWinner, which owes its fame to a perfect tool. It is a bot or automatic response. So if you use it, you will have a great advantage. Winning is worthless as the bot does it for you. It will correctly answer all the questions, quizzes or riddles you face. Hence the name, it is called KahootWinner because you will win many games with it. Is it an answer hack or an autoresponder that will provide you with plenty of bots to help you solve every pulse, quiz or question you face and help you climb the leaderboards?

What is KahootWinner?

Kahoot winner

KahootWinner is nothing but a bot or trick that helps users answer all quizzes and puzzles that appear in Kahoot. It is also known as a Kahoot autoresponder bot. Most users use KahootWinner because the platform has a leaderboard that shows each student’s performance.

To improve their score or points on the Kahoot leaderboard, students use Kahoot’s autoresponder bots like Kahootwinner. Irrespective of whether you use it or not, you should know what this bot is all about.

How can you use KahootWinner?

Can people be a thousand under a Kahootwinner? Am I right? Well, honestly, it’s not that hard. You should first confirm that you have an account with Kahoot. It allows you to use the Kahootwinner trick that we are talking about here. Otherwise, this error will not work. Are you ok? The next important thing is to know Kahoot’s name. The name comes just before it begins. So you have to be cautious with that.

Here are the things to do for the Hack

  • Click the button above.
  • As soon as you start the Kahoot, it would help if you found that Kahoot in the Discover tab by typing its name
  • Then click on the Kahoot you are playing.
  • Click on the “Show Answers” option.
  • It will show you all the answers, so you know all the answers and win the Kahoot
  • Another thing to know is that you might miss the first answer, but hey, you still get all the other answers correct, so it’s a fair price to pay because you won’t gain anything from it.
  • You may also know that this method only works for public kahoots. If the teacher created a custom Kahoot, this method might not work. So if it’s public Kahoot, you’re good to go.

1. KahootWinner by Gamesclown

KahootWinner by Gamesclown is an excellent bot tool that can be further use to flood any Kahoot game by entering any number of bots that randomly answer the question. Moreover, this is an educational tool. You can even use this stool to fool your friends, teachers but don’t use it in random spam rooms as it can ruin the fun.

2. AidanCorbett Kahoot Bot

This Kahootwinner bot is one of the best Kahootwinner present on the web. AidenCorbett Kahootwinner, will send bots and independently answer the questions. Here you can download the bot from an authentic site and can enter the PIN of the Kahoot game session. After this, you can prefer the number of bots you want to carry out the task.

3. Sean-3’s robot Kahoot

If you are looking for a Kahoot bot that works 100% efficiently, then Sean-3’s Kahoot bot is the perfect choice for you. The award-winning Kahoot Bot by Sean-3 tool sends nearly 2,000 bots to answer questions automatically. You have to choose a random name and then choose yes/no. After that, you will need to enter the PIN of your Kahoot game session. And there, you have to flood the game with 2000 bots and become the kahootwinner.

4. Kahootspam.com

Kahootspam.com is a popular Kahootwinner that works by sending multiple types of bots. All you have to do here is pass in the PIN and the number of bots you need. Every time the game starts, you can see the multiple bots answering the questions themselves. So once you finish the game, the website will show you the winner even if someone else led the round.

5. Aidan Corbett’s robot Kahoot

The AidenCorbett Kahoot Bot is a famous Kahoot Winner that works efficiently on the web. It is free and works without any problems. Also, it has received world-class ratings from its players.

It is also known as an automatic bot to flood a Kahoot game. But AidanCorbett Kahootwinner is a software that can send almost 2000 bots to a Kahoot game, and you will be amused to know that most of the bots available here are just regular bots used only for trolling. The smart ones often take on the task of automatically answering random questions.

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How do I change my name on Kahoot?

Once you have finished creating a winner profile, you can change your name on the platform in several steps:

  • First, you need to open the Kahoot app on your phone.
  • Then, you can tap on your profile picture in the navigation menu, which you can discover at the top left of the screen.
  • You can now click on the “Name” option, which appears just below your profile picture. You can enter any name here.

Kahootwinner 2022 Cheats and Codes


Dear friends, you might have seen many articles, blogs or websites that say “Get Tips, Codes from Kahoot”. But how many of them work. What happens is that whenever you open these claim pages after clicking on several links and following many instructions, you get nothing in it. So you will be disappointed. So it is better not to get caught in such cheats or promo codes but play the game wisely, and chances of winning will be higher this way.


Kahootwinner is one of the best educational games on the internet. Since then, students have spent most of their time on the internet; hence it is one of the best platforms to spend their time productively. You won’t believe it, but there are nearly 70 million monthly active users in the US alone. Not only for educational purposes but also increases the fun as you can troll others and also helps you to answer questions quickly.

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