мой pii_email_81776c7d9423ed98546b: This error can occur when sending an email from your Outlook Express account “set мой [pii_email_81776c7d9423ed98546b]”.

This “set мой [pii_email_81776c7d9423ed98546b]” error can occur when sending an email from your Outlook Express account. The following error:мой pii_email_81776c7d9423ed98546b “The connection to the web server. This is the error number of Opening Error 10051: мой pii_email_81776c7d9423ed98546b.

Error number: мой [pii_email_81776c7d9423ed98546b] conflicts with the SMTP server an d occurs due to the adverse order of the software application options. You want to check if each entered criteria matches the port variants, checks, and secure connection.

How Can I Resolve The Error Code Мой [Pii_Email_81776c7d9423ed98546b]?

There are several ways to fix the error мой [pii_email_81776c7d9423ed98546b]; Now let’s talk about the six easiest and most common approaches to deciphering the мой pii_email_81776c7d9423ed98546b error as quickly as possible.

Before opening the solution, check your account settings as follows:

  • Click the Devices menu, select an account causation the problem, and then click Commercial or Residential.
  • Then verify that the name of the outgoing mail web server (SMTP) is correct. As shown below:
  • If the webserver requires verification, check. My web server needs confirmation.
  • Click Even More Settings
  • Confirm that the SMTP shelter number is the same as the one provided by your F.A.E.
  • If the connection protects, check the box; this server requires a secure SSL link.
  • Outlook error [pii_email_5ea5904f0f81c6bf4718]

6 Method to resolve Microsoft Outlook error [pii_ru_inn_9c547e4092419dab50fc]

  • мой [pii_email_81776c7d9423ed98546b]
  • The error мой [pii_email_81776c7d9423ed98546b] occurs in Windows 10 and shows the problem with Outlook Express or Windows Mail. The battle between the S.M.T.P usually causes this мой pii_email_81776c7d9423ed98546b  The waiters. When somebody tries to send mail without the exact account settings.
  • This attendant will introduce six easy methods to resolve the мой [pii_email_81776c7d9423ed98546b] error, which may help you.

Method 1: Through Programs And The Features Tab

  • First, try to fix the мой [pii_email_81776c7d9423ed98546b] error with the vehicle repair tool’s program and attributes:
  • Click the Windows button and find the program and attributes (you can also open the cockpit console and access programs and features).
  • Under Programs and Features, look for Microsoft Office 365 (or choose an application appropriate for the workplace).
  • At the top of the Programs and Attributes window, click the Edit button to select Repair and the following recommendations on the screen.
  • After the manipulation is finished, restart Outlook and check if the error мой pii_email_81776c7d9423ed98546b is deleted; If this persists, try the approach 2.

Method 2: Verify That The Webserver Requirements Settings Are Supported

  • Open Outlook from Applications.
  • Open information.
  • Account settings.
  • In the Account Settings window, click the Email tab, and you will see the following startup window like this one.
  • Select an account in Outlook.
  • Select the email address from this checklist
  • Click on the email account, then click on more settings.
  • Now open the email web settings.
  • Open a completely new tab for outgoing web servers.
  • For the first alternative, verify that my outgoing mail server (SMTP) requires authentication.
  • Click “All good” to keep the settings.
  • My server needs to be verified.
  • Now that you have clicked OK restart Outlook and check if the мой [pii_email_81776c7d9423ed98546b]  error has been corrected; otherwise, go to one of the options below.
  • Outlook error[pii_email_6bd2238a127f689f5ee8]

Method 3: Investigate Or Remove Duplicate Accounts

However, don’t you get the cure? Let’s examine the replicas of the account. It will even be the cause of the мой [pii_email_81776c7d9423ed98546b] error, and removing mirror accounts could also be a possible option. Stick to the following options:

  • In Outlook, click the menu.
  • Open the account settings through the menu and click on the Mail tab.
  • Check the replica account from the list and choose one as well.
  • Click Delete to delete a replica account.
  • Remove the mirror account in the Microsoft overview.

After removing the duplicate account, restart Outlook How to resolve мой [pii_email_81776c7d9423ed98546b]  and see if you still get the error code мой pii_email_81776c7d9423ed98546b.

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Method 4: change the Port Figure of the Webserver

  • Open Outlook
  • Click on the file and also take care of the account settings.
  • Under Account Settings, click Email and select your email account from the list.
  • A new email account window will be created.
  • Go to More Settings and also click Internet Mail Settings.
  • Click on the Advanced tab.
  • Now change the port number (S.M.P.T.) from 465 to 587.
  • Click on the far right to save your changes. See the picture below.
  • Change the SMTP port number in Outlook by setting the SMTP port number.

Once the setup is complete, restart the overview and pray for the мой [pii_email_81776c7d9423ed98546b] error to be fixed if you are lucky enough to fix the problem; otherwise, we still have focus 5.

Method 5: Examine The Antivirus Software On Your Window

There may be an essential function in this system to fix the мой [pii_email_81776c7d9423ed98546b] error. Temporarily turn off your antivirus to prevent Microsoft Outlook from connecting to your email client.

  • Disable the antivirus to complete the steps:
  • Select Initial Configuration.
  • Update and security.
  • Windows security.
  • Protection against viruses and dangers.
  • Manage settings (or security settings for infections and dangers in older versions of Windows 10).
  • Each antivirus has several settings to disable it. Check constantly with the software you are using.
  • If the мой [pii_email_81776c7d9423ed98546b] error persists, go to technique 6.

Method 6: Uninstall Outlook And Reinstall It

Then it comes to technique 6, and that’s because the five methods above didn’t work. Now the best solution for the мой [pii_email_81776c7d9423ed98546b] error is to uninstall Outlook and reinstall it. After setup, try adding a replacement account.

  • Uninstall Microsoft Outlook by following these steps:
  • Open the program and attributes panel.
  • Search for Microsoft Workplace 365 (Outlook is part of Microsoft Workplace 365).
  • Double click on Microsoft Office 365.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions below to complete the uninstallation.
  • The uninstallation is complete; Reassemble Microsoft Outlook.
  • Develop a replacement account, add мой pii_email_81776c7d9423ed98546b to Outlook, and also check email delivery.


In this article, we discuss 6 options for the мой [pii_email_81776c7d9423ed98546b] error.

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