There are many models of car doors. Beyond the classic doors, we have already seen different ones with very curious names like the butterfly doors (present in many luxury cars).

In our review of the types of car doors that exist today, they touch on those with the most curious and dark name: suicide doors. Why do they have this name? In which models can we find them?

If you’re curious about these doors, read on, and we’ll tell you right away.

How are the Suicide Doors?

The so-called suicide doors or suicide doors are those which open in the reverse order of the usual. Instead of having the door hinges in the front, opening them to the show, they have them in the back.

The most common was to find a combination of suicide doors in the rear and regular doors in the front, as can be seen in the vehicle shown in this article. In this case, this combination is called shell doors.

Although it might sound extraordinary, flapper doors were trendy in the 60s. If you are looking for an American model from that era, you can find dozens and dozens of cars that used them.

What is the Origin of the Name?

This type of name, as you can imagine, is not used in any advertising campaign. Imagine something incredible like this: “Your new Mazda with suicide doors has arrived!”” Doesn’t that sound very tempting, does it? Because of this, either Mazda itself or Rolls Royce tried to change the name to rear-hinged doors, bus doors, or freestyle doors (without success).And now, let’s move on to the possible origins of the name.

There are two theories:

Because the first cars equipped with this system were quite dangerous and unpredictable, they were named so because they sometimes caused accidental deaths.

Mafia and Gangster Fighting: The 1960s were the era of the Mafia. If you watch a popular movie on this theme, you will find many cars from this era. And especially a lot of dead and corpses were thrown by these famous suicide doors on the highway.

What do you think is the origin of the name of these doors? Comment with your impressions, or even if you know of another theory, add it to complete the article even more.

Models with Suicide Doors

Many models have used them, but currently, we can only highlight the Mazda RX-8 (image) and the original version of the Seat 600 D. If you know of another model that uses them, please feel free to comment on the article add it.

And so far, the whole story of these curious doors. Would they be able to drive a car with them? Or are they too used to the gates of a lifetime?

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Benefits of Suicide Doors

Hinged rear doors make it easy to get in and out of a vehicle, allowing the passenger to sit in and out when going in and out. In combination with traditional front doors, they allow drivers to access the rear door more quickly. Without stepping out of the car, drivers in Austin FX4 cabs may reach the back door handle through the driver’s window.

In addition, the hinged rear doors also allow a better position for a person installing a child seat in the back seat of a vehicle than conventional doors, while being more straightforward and cheaper to build than the sliding doors usually used in cars. Minivans. However, the most recent MPV in the compact MPV class with such entries was the Opel Meriva B in 2010.

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Disadvantages of suicide doors

When the front doors are directly adjacent to the rear doors of suicide bombers, getting in and out of the vehicle can be uncomfortable if people try to use the front and back doors simultaneously.

There are also several security risks:

  • When exiting a car from the driver’s side, if a person forgets to watch the traffic come from the rear of the vehicle, if the door is struck by a car, the door will hit the passenger, causing severe injury. Whereas in a front-hinged door, the door moves forward, reducing potential damage to passengers.
  • The door may strike passengers falling from moving vehicles.
  • Aerodynamic factors cause the hinged rear doors to open at high speed on older cars. This problem was first reported on a Subaru 360 in 1969 by consumer Reports.

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Review Suicide Doors – Origin, Model and Benefits.

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