Landing pages are often used by online businesses for various purposes including search engine optimisation and lead conversion.

While almost all websites these days have a landing page for various reasons, not a lot of them are as effective as other landing pages. This is because they aren’t tailored in a way that appeals to the customers or maybe because they aren’t search engine optimised.

Regardless of the reason, the first thing any brilliant SEO agency would do is to make your landing pages more effective. This can lead to better conversions, better search engine rankings, and a potential increase in sales.

Now as we mentioned before, if you want the easy way out, you can simply hire an amazing SEO agency like Novus Digital and let them do what they’re best at.

However, if you want to execute it yourself, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will learn how to create a landing page, how to make it more effective and how it can benefit your business.

What is a Landing Page?

Landing pages serve a wide range of purposes for the creator of the website. However, it commonly acts as a landing point for potential customers looking for a particular product or service.

The landing page also helps with search engine optimisation and is often used strategically to improve a website’s SEO.

Whether a visitor arrives on the page through an online marketing campaign or through a search engine, the landing page’s ultimate goal is conversion.

An effective landing page ranks higher on search engines, appeals to the target audience and encourages them to become a customer.

Benefits of a Great Landing Page

Once you have learned how to create a landing page that helps you achieve your marketing and SEO goals effectively, you can expect great results.

Before we talk a look at the top tips to create the perfect landing page, let us take a look at how you can benefit from a good landing page.

1. Better Rankings

With the help of keyword research, you can efficiently optimise your landing pages to ensure better search engine rankings.

Not only is this another opportunity to rank for a particular keyword, but also a way to optimise the overall SEO of your website.

2. Better Conversion Rate

With an appealing landing page that elegantly encourages visitors to turn into customers, you can have way better conversion rates than ever before.

While the average conversion rate for most landing pages ranges between 2-3%, with good strategy yours can reach up to 5%.

3. Helps Appeal to Target Audience and Provide Information

Landing pages allow you to connect with your target audience on a personal level, something you can’t do with the homepage.

Furthermore, you can also provide them with specific information about a particular service or product in a more detailed manner.

However, all of this can only be possible with an effective and strategic approach to creating landing pages. Hence, in the next section, we will take a look at a few tips that can help you create an effective landing page.

9 Tips to Create an Effective Landing Page

As we witnessed, Landing pages are a great way to enhance the appeal of each and every product and service on your website. It provides you with the opportunity to create tailor-made content that appeals to the customer and reduces your bounce rate.

It is also a great way to promote specific offers and build a rapport with potential customers, eventually building customer loyalty. To achieve all this, we bring you this section of the blog.

Read on, if you want to learn how to create a landing page that is not only search engine optimised but also appealing to the customers.

Landing Page Creation Tips With Regards to the Content:

1. Establish a Goal

Now before you even start writing your landing page / s, the first thing you need to do is establish the goal behind writing it.

This can vary from website to website depending upon the objective of their marketing campaign.

Some of the most common goals include SEO, brand awareness, lead generation, sales, signing up for newsletters or a demo, et cetera.

Once you’ve established the goal, it will be much easier to create your content strategy and set the tone of your landing page.

2. Plan the Content Strategy

The next step is creating a blueprint for your content and planning the content strategy. This involves establishing the structure of your landing page.

In other words, deciding where the headline, the benefits of the products and services, the special offer, the calls to action, etc will go on the page

Once you’re done with this step, you’ll have a clear pathway to writing an effective and structured landing page.

3. Write to Appeal to the Target Audience

Now the writing begins. The best part about a landing page is that you can be very specific and maintain the focus of your content on a target audience.

Generally, the primary goal of the landing page is to convert leads into customers. This goal needs to be achieved through the content using these simple points:

  1. Providing the visitor with information about the product or service
  2. Establishing how they can benefit from the company
  3. Personalising the content and speaking directly to the potential customers
  4. Urging them to take action now

Following this simple pattern and keeping a set of the target audience in your mind while writing the content can greatly enhance the impact of the page.

4. Keep the Language and Tone Simple

While you are trying to write the perfect landing page with all the tips and tricks we’ve spoken about until now, you also need to ensure that you don’t make it overly complicated. (Like this sentence)

Most people on the internet do not want to spend their mental energy trying to figure out something complicated.

Therefore, make sure you keep the tone simple and easy to follow, this will keep the reader hooked till the end.

5. Use Strong, Direct and Personalised Calls to Action

The calls to action are one of the most important parts of the landing page because they are the ones that convey your intentions directly.

This is why you need to make sure that your calls to action are strong and direct. If they’re too subtle, the customer may not get it or be interested, making the entire landing page ineffective.

Moreover, you can also try to make the calls to action more personalised to enhance their appeal to the readers.

Landing Page Creation Tips With Regards to the Visuals and SEO:

6. Optimise Your Keyword Strategy

Now that we’ve understood how to create a landing page in terms of content quality and customer appeal, let’s take a look at other factors of a landing page.

The first step to optimising your page would be preparing a keyword strategy and incorporating it into your writing. This involves making a list of keywords that are likely to be used by your target audience and then strategically using them in your content.

Let’s say, you’re writing a page for car and van rental London.

Your keyword list will include van rentals, car rentals, van rentals London, rental vans, and so on. Not only will it help the rankings of your website but also attract more organic traffic.

7. Create a Responsive Webpage

Another very important tip would be to make your webpage, and even the webpage for the matter, more responsive.

A responsive webpage refers to one that adapts to the size and shape of the device it is opened on.

It’s not a surprise that a large population on the internet today is using smartphones, which is why optimising your pages for mobiles is so essential.

Not only does this improve the user experience but also helps in search engine optimisation.

8. Use Videos and Animation

The human mind is fascinated by videos and animations. Additionally, they also make it easier for the user to understand the general idea of the content.

Therefore using videos and animations to make your landing page more captivating can help you allure the customer and keep them interested.

Moreover, videos are also a good way to optimise your page for search engines. You can also choose to geotag certain videos to optimise your local SEO.

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9. Aim for Inclusivity in Your Images

With the concept of inclusivity taking a front seat in today’s generation, using inclusive images on your landing pages and website is advisable.

Inclusion refers to the human right to be embraced and accepted irrespective of one’s race, gender, caste, creed, or disability.

This may involve using images of people from various races, genders, et cetera. Moreover, you can also use gender-neutral language in your content to make your readers feel included.


Now that you know all about creating the perfect landing page, it’s time you go ahead and begin working on your landing pages and grow your online presence.

However, if these tips seem too complex or too much work as of now, you can always hire an exceptional SEO agency to carry out the work for you.

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