As a realtor, you likely have a network of professionals like renovation contractors and real estate lawyers you match up with clients based on their needs. If you don’t already, consider recommending virtual real estate legal services to clients who can benefit from them.

There are several advantages to using online real estate lawyers over brick and mortar firms, aside from lower real estate lawyer fees, that can make them the right option for your clients. Recommend the right one, and you’ll earn your clients’ undying gratitude and trust when they save time and money.

But as it is with any other service provider, you will need to do some due diligence to find the right one. The good news is, you can learn a lot about a virtual law firm by reading online reviews and interviewing a few prospects to ask about their experience and for references.

Keep reading for three compelling reasons to recommend your clients consider retaining a virtual real estate lawyer and partnering with one yourself.

Lower, Transparent Fees

Online real estate lawyers offer the same level of service as traditional law firms (and sometimes better, see below), but generally at a much lower rate. This is a major benefit to both buyers and sellers as they need a lawyer to protect their interests and facilitate a seamless, legally-binding Agreement of Purchase and Sale. But they also have other closing costs such as moving and storage expenses, taxes, insurance, utility costs and so much more, as you know. Virtual law firms don’t pay a lease for their workspaces pass those savings on to clients, helping them reduce those costs.

Many online real estate law firms also offer flat fees per service. Clients may have reservations about using a brick-and-mortar firm because of escalating costs that can come with per-hour billing. Knowing ahead of time what their legal fees will be helps your clients budget for closing day and gives them peace of mind.

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Convenience and Availability

Your clients have a lot on their plates when buying or selling a home. Online consultations with a licensed real estate lawyer from the comfort of their homes cuts down on the time, expense and headaches that come with all the running around they have to do.

Finding a real estate lawyer that is available whenever your clients need them is also a pain point for clients. Many virtual real estate law firms provide enhanced availability, with some even offering 24/7 service.

Safe, Contactless Service

In a COVID-19 world, people look for alternative ways of getting the products and services they need that reduce their risks of exposure. They also need to feel confident that they can still access their real estate lawyer despite potential lockdowns and public health measures. Online real estate law firms address both of those needs while providing the convenience and comfort of at-home virtual legal services.

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