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Accessory Equipment mean safety equipment installed or carried as required by law and any other equipment intended for use by or with your vessel. It includes awnings, electronic Equipment for navigational purposes, boat and motor covers, rescue equipment, life jackets, sounders, radios and other Equipment or accessories listed in your policy.

The Equipment and accessories are not elements that insure under household goods or personal effects insurance. Used, intended, or intended for planting, propagating, cultivating, cultivating, harvesting, manufacturing, mixing, transforming, manufacturing, processing, preparing, testing, testing, packaging, repackaging, storing, smoking, vaporizing, or storing marijuana or for ingesting, inhaling, or otherwise introduce marijuana or marijuana products into the human body.

Hardware and Accessories: Precisely fit exposed joints of fairings, fillers and fasteners to form narrow, skinny joints with hidden fasteners and end pieces. We do not pay more than your contractual liability for such Equipment, accessories and machines.

Accessory Equipment means all Equipment related to the installation of a radio receiver telecommunications facility, including, but not limited to, wiring, producers, fans, air conditioners, switchboards, equipment sheds, tackle closets, equipment buildings, pedestals, meters, vaults, junction boxes, and surface location marks

A user can attach or remove a device without damaging it or its attached device. Several manufacturers of electronic devices and mobile phones are significantly benefiting from the huge market for accessory upgrades for their products. “Accessory Equipment” means any equipment serving or used in connection with a wireless installation or support structure, including, but not limited to, utility or transmission equipment, power supplies, generators, batteries, cables, power buildings, Equipment, lockers and storage sheds, shelters or the like. Structures

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