Introduction: Better Decisions Fewer Regrets

Better Decisions Fewer Regrets We never know what or who hangs in the balance of the decisions we make. But we do know that our decisions determine the direction and quality of our life.

Life is about making choices. Every day. Several times a day. Sometimes we’re safe. Sometimes we are not sure. But in the end, we are because of our choices. Your choices, along with your reactions to other people’s choices, who are also your choices, are the only things you can control in life, which means that your choices are the way you manage your life. Decisions are your steering wheel. Your joystick. Your keyboard. What it means: Your choices determine your story of your life.

Every decision becomes an integral part of our stories. Because of this, every moment of the decision-making process, we need to pause and think about the story we want to tell. Perhaps more urgently, we should consider what story we want to know about ourselves. The good news is, you decide. But you decide one decision after another because you are writing your life story—one decision after the other.

Better Decisions, Fewer Regrets Summary

Better Decisions Fewer Regrets

Avoid selling yourself off with bad ideas and making quick decisions when time is tight. Instead, discover the truth and clarity in every complicated decision. Better Decisions Fewer Regrets Reclaim relationships and heal the divisions through better decisions. Find out the reasons behind your choices so you can drive positive change.

Your value-added strengths will always be better for the company than your marginal weaknesses. So delegate your weaknesses or go to your leader to help you identify your core strengths, passions, and what avenues to enable you to run towards your purpose. Better Decisions Fewer Regrets, The ones that align personally and professionally in your life to better serve your family, customers, and team members.

  • One challenging decision that leads to less regret is not to do more. It’s countercultural. We want to do more, and for that, we sacrifice the intentionality, the quality, and even the passion behind what we do. Often, we accept more things than we can handle because we feel the pressure to do it or because it’s celebrated across the company. Better Decisions Fewer Regrets See their push!
  • Ask Joe to do it, and he will always crush you! But what’s behind that curtain. Is she doing half the things she does? Don’t crush your soul trying to do more. True leaders help you find your best strengths and do whatever they can to increase productivity. That way, you can enjoy your role more, find purpose, and improve your organization.

Better Decisions, Fewer Regrets Quotes

Better Decisions Fewer Regrets

Better Decisions Fewer Regrets God will always nudge us in the direction of kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control.16 When in doubt, max those out.

Generally speaking, it is God’s will that everyone is honest with themselves. Really. It’s God’s will that we all pay attention to anything that dings our consciences. It’s God’s will for each of us to consider our past experiences, current circumstances, and future hopes and dreams. Finally, it’s God’s will that we understand what love requires of us. So each of our five questions points us in the direction of God’s general will for our lives.

Better Decisions Fewer Regrets Love fills in the gaps. Honey reduces the friction created by our limited perceptions, knowledge, and experiences that inhibit judgment. There are many effects that I do not know. There are things that I will never understand. But my ignorance does not hinder my ability to put others first.

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