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Biggest Gun In The World: Heavy Gustav was the most potent rifled weapon ever used in combat and the heaviest mobile artillery piece ever built based on its total weight. It fired the heaviest projectiles of all artillery pieces.

Incredible canyons have been around for centuries. Many were siege cannons used to carry out or defend a siege. One of the most famous is Mons Meg at Edinburgh Castle in Scotland. It was built in 1449 and could launch approximately two miles of 386 pound stone ball.

Railroad guns became popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The rails could move massive guns quickly but suffer from the fact that the railroads themselves could be destroyed, and the guns were limited to where those rails were located. Biggest Gun In The World  Even so, during WWI, the Germans used several wagon-mounted guns to attack cities from very long ranges, including the Heavy Gustav. Which, as far as I know, at 31.5 inches, is a single giant gun ever—seen in combat. Biggest Gun In The World It used diameter and launched a 7-ton grenade at 26 miles. The British and the Americans built 36 inches in diameter with two other weapons, but they were never used in combat.

8 Of The Biggest Gun In The World Of Destruction Used During The Second World War

Biggest Gun In The World

The 20th century easily stands out as one of humanity’s most destructive times, with two world wars and several intermittent conflicts spanning regions worldwide. And such massive destruction was brought about by the heyday of technology. Probably nothing embodies this “dark side” of technological progress. As well as war-inspired manufactured specimens such as weapons, armor, and weapons. Biggest Gun In The World Let’s take a look at the eight super-heavy artillery pieces from WWII that bridged the gap between technical brilliance and ruthless barbarism.

Sturdy cannons, arising from massive bunker-like constructions (also called casemates) made of 3.5m thick reinforced concrete, the Todt Battery symbolized in every respect the defense strategy of the Germans in World War II. The battery consisted of four casemates equipped with Krupp guns of caliber 380 mm.

1. Todt battery

Powerful cannons, which emerged from massive bunker-like constructions (also called casemates) made of 3.5 m thick reinforced concrete, the Todt Battery was in every respect the defensive maneuver of the Germans in the interim phase of the Second World War. Biggest Gun In The World As a large part of the so-called Atlantic Wall, an extensive bulwark of coastal fortifications to defend against the Allied invasion, the battery consisted of four casemates equipped with 380 mm Krupp guns.

 2. Karl-Great Biggest Gun In The World

Translated into “Karl device,” the Karl device a giant manufactured self-propelled extermination machine. The massive device, 11.15 m (37 feet) long and weighing 124 tons, had an equally monstrous barrel, 3.16 m (over 10 feet) wide. Seven of these howitzers were manufacture by the German defense technology company Rheinmetall, and six of them saw combat operations against Russian, Polish and Allied opponents. As for the 600 mm caliber grenades loaded with grenades, the 2-ton grenades had a maximum firing range of about 10 km.

However, the weight of the “vehicle” was a disadvantage, as the top speed of the Karl device was only 10 km / h. In addition, the massive howitzer had to manned by a crew of 21 and had a maximum range of around 60 km with a diesel engine.

3. Obusier de 520 Modeled 1916 Biggest Gun In The World

The year in the model name indicated the giant French railroad howitzer initially constructed in 1916 during World War I (Schneider et Cie’s most significant artillery piece). Still, it did not fire a single shell during the ongoing conflict. Interestingly, almost 24 years later. Biggest Gun In The World, The Germans captured the weapon during their invasion of France in 1940 and later used it as a German Nazi weapon during the infamous siege of Stalingrad.

The electrically powered apparatus was gigantic, with a total length of 30.38 m (99.7 ft), a weight of 263 tons, and a barrel length of 11.9 m (39 ft). With such “exuberant” dimensions, it is not surprising that the shells had a caliber of 520 mm and weights of more than 1,400 kg.

And despite its enormous size. The weapon could only displace one round in 6 minutes with a maximum range of around 17 km.

4.Krupp 28 cm cannon 5 (E) Biggest Gun In The World

One of the few advanced guns that matched their tactical suitability was the Krupp 28 cm Kannon 5 or K5. A heavy rail cannon with a massive 21.5 m (71 ft) barrel. With the so-called “Vogel turntable,” the enormous weapon could rotate 360 ​​degrees, which undoubtedly increased its tactical value.

5. Biggest Guns In The World 1938 Railway gun TM-3-12

Biggest Gun In The World

A fascinating military specimen: the 1938 Soviet TM-3-12 rail cannon built from the salvaged. 1907 naval cannon mounte initially on the sunken battleship Imperatorial Maryia. Its massive artillery was use during the simultaneous Soviet-Finnish War in 1940 but also honored to serve in the Soviet Army until 1991.

6. Heavy Gustav Biggest Guns In The World

Biggest Gun In The World Simply put, the Heavy Gustav remains the highest caliber rifled weapon ever used in human combat! Designer by Krupp Industries, the gigantic war instrument with a whopping 47.3 m (155 ft) length. 7.1 m (23 ft) width. And 11.6 m (38 ft) height with a total volume of 135,500 cubic feet was use sparingly during. The siege of Sevastopol when his cannon already worn out after 48 shots.

7. Biggest Guns In The World V-3 cannon

It didn’t have the massive range of the Schwerner Gustav. But the V-3 (Vergeltungswaffe 3) more than made up for it with its many 130 m (430 ft) lengths. All weapons were based on the multi-charger process. In which a second propellant charge could significantly improve the speed of the projectile fired.

8. Howitzer M1 Biggest Guns In The World

Biggest Gun In The World as a super-heavy howitzer, the M1 howitzer seen in action in many World War. II theaters, including France, Belgium, Poland, and Russia. The 75-ton ammunition had a double recoil mechanism and a two-component tank and had a considerable. Barrel length of 8 m (26 ft) while having a firing range of about 21 km.

Due to its howitzer-oriented properties, the M1 howitzer was use for large-caliber 356mm shells adapted for long-term siege operations. Therefore, it is not surprising that the weapon has adequately played its role in famous scenarios such as the attack on Sevastopol. The Siege of Leningrad, and the Warsaw Uprising.

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