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Business Travel Management write for us: Business travel management is about managing an organization’s approach to employee business travel and the associated costs and due diligence responsibilities. It directly impacts business growth and is strategic for business expansion. Recent research suggests that business travel is the highest unpredictable cost for a company.

Large organizations and corporations often have teams dedicated to overseeing and enforcing business travel programs. In small and medium-sized businesses, this role often falls to finance, human resources, and administrative teams or line managers.

Understanding Business Travel Management

To say that companies spend a lot of time and money on business travel would be an understatement.

Business travel is often the second largest item in the average company budget, second only to salaries. It’s easy to see why companies need to be thoughtful and thoughtful about how they manage business travel and travel expenses.

The first step in this process is creating a corporate travel policy.

These internal documents contain booking policies and expense procedures to help travellers choose flights and hotels that fit their budget and get reimbursed for those expenses as quickly as possible. Travel policies allow travellers to set consistent expectations and simplify the approval process when booking flights and hotels.

But a travel policy is only the first step.

Most businesses need another layer of oversight and management to control costs, support business travellers, and book for busy employees.

Historically, companies have turned to one of two main options for this type of business travel management: business travel agents and travel managers.

Ensure passenger safety

Companies have a duty of care (DoC) towards employees who travel for business. In an emergency, it is essential to be aware of who is always going where. It could mean a situation at the destination, such as B. A fire or an epidemic in which the employer must warn the worker and instruct him on how to stay safe and return home.

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