Laboratory Products write for us

Laboratory Products write for us

Laboratory Products write for us: The safe handling of hazardous chemicals requires the proper use of laboratory equipment. The maintenance and periodic review of laboratory equipment are essential elements of this activity. Unfortunately, many accidents in the laboratory are due to improper use and care of laboratory equipment. This chapter discusses prudent practices for handling materials commonly used in laboratories.

The most common risks associated with laboratory equipment come from equipment powered by electrical equipment to work with compressed gases and equipment for high or low weights and temperatures. Other physical threats include electromagnetic radiation from lasers and radio frequency-generating devices. Seemingly common perils such as flooding from water-cooled equipment, accidents involving rotating equipment and cutting and drilling machines or tools, extreme noise, slipping, tripping, falling, lifting, and poor ergonomics account for the most common number of accidents and injuries in a laboratory. The lesions are natural in the laboratory very often. Care should wear gloves when handling laboratory tackle to protect against electrical, thermal, and chemical burns, cuts, and punctures.

The use of water as a coolant in laboratory condensers and other equipment is common practice. Although tap water commonly uses for these purposes, it should be discouraged. In many places, saving water is essential, so tap water is not suitable. Also, the potential for flooding significantly increases. Refrigerated recirculators can be expensive, but are favored for cooling laboratory equipment to save water and minimize the effects of flooding. A mixture of aquatic and ethylene glycol can be used as a coolant to prevent cooling coils from freezing. However, spills of this mixture are very slippery and must clean up thoroughly to avoid slipping and falling.

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