Mailing Services Write For Us: Mailing services account for about 88% of all revenue. These services include first-class mail, magazines, standard mail, parcel post, hardcover printing, media mail, library mail, international private mail, and speciality services such as delivery confirmation, certified mail, and PO Box service.

First class mail

First Class Mail includes business and personal correspondence, receipts, invoices, remittances, financial statements, and advertising weighing 13 ounces or less. Documents containing personal information, partially or fully handwritten or typed documents, invoices, or bank statements must be sent by first-class mail unless sent by express or priority mail or if exempt from postal service. First-class mail is sealed against postal inspection and can only be opened by permission.

Default mail

Standard mail is bulk mail that weighs less than 16 ounces. All mailable articles may be sent via standard mail, except reports that must be sent by first-class mail or copies of qualified publications that must be sent for eligible magazine rates. Standard mail typically includes sales letters, flyers, catalogues, fundraisers, and light packages. Regular mail receives deferred processing.


Periodicals include magazines, newspapers, and other publications whose primary purpose is to provide information to an established list of subscribers or consumers. The couriers must comply with the qualification criteria established by law and in the National Mail Manual.

Parcel services

Parcel services may be used to ship mailable items weighing up to 70 pounds (excluding bound printed matter with a maximum weight limit of 15 pounds) that must not be sent as First Class Mail, be prepared as personalized market mailing or entered as magazines.

Special services

The postal service offers several exceptional benefits that can be purchased separately for a fee or for free as an add-on feature to a postal or shipping service. Specialized services include PO Boxes and money orders, services that provide additional security for customers (e.g., certified and insured mail), and delivery information.

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