windows that can be opened or closed with buttons call power windows. Power windows first introduce by Ford Motors in 1941. The first cars to equip with power windows were the Lincoln Custom and the Packard Custom Super 180.

Power windows have replaced traditional manual handles. It can be a built-in function or installed in cars using aftermarket accessories.

Features Of Electric Windows:

Leaving aside the generic feature of windows that open and lower with the push of a button, power windows come with unique features that make them easier to use and more convenient. These characteristics can be summarized as follows:

Automatic Lowering: this is a pervasive feature in almost all electric windows. This feature allows the user to move the windows down by simply pressing the button once. The system uses a circuit to monitor how long the switch has been held down. If the control thought down for less than a second, the window goes down to the limit switch and stops there. If the button is held down any longer, the circuit analyzes the time and stops lowering the window as soon as the button release.

Auto Up: This function is not very common because it has certain complications. The automatic upload works like automatic download. However, the automatic ascending part carries a risk. If the window is opened, there is a high probability that you will be injured if instead gets in the way, such as a child’s hand or the paw of a dog or cat. Since the window only stops when you hit the limit switch, there is a risk of an accident. The only way to fix this trick is to introduce another circuit into the system that can control the speed of the window. If the rate reduce due to an obstacle, the course will return power to the motor, and the window will close.

Courtesy Ignition: As already mentioned, the power windows only work when the vehicle’s ignition is on. However, some cars have an accessible emergency power supply fed to the power window circuit even after the engine has turn off. If you forget to open the windows, this feature saves you from restarting the machine to open the windows.

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Windows Power Mechanism:

Power windows are controlled by switches and cables and power by batteries or electricity. The ]windows will not work if the vehicle’s ignition is not on. Unlike conventional windows, power windows do not have manual handles. They do not work manually. Basic power windows generally control all four windows and can govern by the driver.

It is how Power Windows Work:

An optimized 20 amp circuit breaker powers the driver’s side door.

The power from the circuit breaker transmitt to a contact point in the center, where the wires for all four windows meet, over the window switch control panel.

Then the two ends of the power connection connect to the battery or electric motor and the vehicle’s ground.

When a switch press, one of the two ends disconnect from the vehicle’s ground and plugged into the outlet in the center, it distributes the energy to the rest of the windows.

Today, most advanced and high-end vehicles equip with various electrical components such as power windows, power doors, and power MVRVs (exterior mirrors). However, the power window systems used in modern cars very advance in terms of technology. In such cases, car producers find it extremely difficult to tie all the cables into one. That is why all lines merge into one module, and therefore all commands monitore. Since all wires combine into one module, power transmitt directly to the central cable module and then to all four windows at the push of a button by the driver.

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Advantages of Electric Windows:

Power windows are available in almost every vehicle these days. It offers as standard in high-end cars, and even in mid-range, it provides at least an option. It remove the obstacle of traditional handles that required a lot of effort and time to open or close the windows. The advantages of power windows can list as follows:

It permits the driver to control the windows with just a touch of their fingers.

Allows people with hand damages or other physical complications to efficiently operate the windows.

Drivers can efficiently operate the windows while driving.

The main power panel at the front also allows the driver to operate all it simultaneously without moving from their seat. This function very useful when there children in the back seat.

Disadvantages Of Power Windows:

While power windows have many advantages, they can also have some disadvantages in some instances. Since it turns on batteries or electricity, there is always the risk of failure or breakdown. In the event of a window regulator letdown, the window cannot open or close, which can cause a lot of problems. Power windows suddenly stop working. Listed under are the most common reasons that can cause to fail or fail:

Sometimes it can happen that the window regulator, also called window rail, no longer works. It leads to the failure of the window regulators.

Electric window lifters also cannot work due to a faulty motor, faulty pulley, or faulty switch.

Worn window regulators can also be a reason for a faulty window regulator.

With all the advantages that the window regulator system offers, on the one hand, and the limited disadvantages, on the other, it is obvious why most car manufacturers now offer electric windows as standard.

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