Whether you are actively playing games at nationalcasino.com/en_ca/casino/slots or developing your business, you often realize that work processes can and should be simplified. For example, there is a reason to look for browser extension that make your work easier and faster. In this article, we compiled a list of such tools useful for everyday tasks.

Writing it, we considered the daily tasks of business:

  • Planning;
  • Communicating with potential clients by phone and mail;
  • Searching for partners and clients;
  • Working with documents and logging into various systems with passwords.


1. Day by Day: Quickly Add Events to Google Calendar

An extension that allows you to add tasks and events to Google. Calendar without opening additional tabs. After installation, a blue icon appears on the top bar of your browser, in the right corner. Clicking on it opens a compact form where you can enter information.

From there, you can also go straight to Google. Calendar. In the “Task” tab, you can select the list of tasks to which it will be added and the date it will be completed. After entering the information, the data is synchronized with the calendar and displayed in the Android app “Day by Day”.

2. Todoist: To-Do List and Task Manager

Allows you to add and manage tasks right in your browser. Among the pluses: nice design and a help center with instructions on how to use the extension. You can also improve your “Karma” in the extension by achieving your goals and looking at your productivity trends. In case of vacations or weekends, you can set up a break.

In addition to the basic functionality, in the free version,, you can assign a task a priority, create projects, and add tasks to them. If you connect the premium version, you can receive reminders via email and push notifications, assign labels to tasks, use filters, create templates, etc.


3. Ringostat Smart Phone: A Smartphone in Your Browser That Shows Caller Data

We can’t avoid mentioning our own development, which will be especially useful for sales managers. The extension is designed to make and receive calls right in Google Chrome. To work with it, you need to register in Ringostat.

Once it’s installed, you can make one-click calls from any sites that have a phone number simply by clicking on it. When a call comes in from a customer, a push notification pops up, even if the browser is minimized. When a customer calls, a workspace with customer data automatically opens up on the side of the screen.

It displays detailed information about the user that a manager can use to make a successful sale:

  • his name – if there is integration with the CRM and the customer is already entered in the database;
  • which ads he came from;
  • the top 5 pages of your site, which were visited by the client, and the page he is on now;
  • information about all previous visits and calls to your site by this client, etc.

4. Drag: An Organizer for Emails and Building a “Funnel” for Referrals

The extension turns your Gmail inbox into a Trello or CRM-like dashboard where you can manually drag and drop items down the funnel. This kind of interface is called “Kanban.” Only instead of deals and tasks, you’re dealing with moving emails — depending on what the email needs to be done.

Additional columns can be added independently.

This allows you not to forget anything and clearly understand at what stage the work on each email is. This is especially convenient if a manager actively corresponds with clients. You can share a board with ordered emails with other team members.

5. Unlimited Email Tracker: Tracks Email Opening

Helps you see if recipients have opened your emails. This is useful to understand if and when a person has seen a sales proposal, a meeting invitation. The extension also shows how many times an email has been opened and a link clicked in it. This information appears in Gmail against each email.

The extension also allows you to do delayed posting – an email can be sent automatically at a time you set. And set a reminder if you haven’t opened the message or clicked on links in it.

Search for Clients and Partners

6. Prospectin: Generating Leads From LinkedIn and Saving Time While Working With It

According to the developers, this extension saves about 70% of the time normally spent on LinkedIn lead generation. It allows:

  • Automatically visit/subscribe to the right people’s pages/send friendship requests and messages;
  • Maintain a mini-CRM in your browser by touching leads.

To work with the extension, you need to set conditions that potential partners or clients must meet. The tool collects a list of suitable users for you, and you queue them to visit the pages.

After all, profiles are completed, friendship requests are sent to their owners and a message template is added to them. An additional plus is that the extension corrects spellings of first and last names if they are spelled with a small letter. It also performs actions with a slight delay, so they are not perceived as spam.

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7. Hunter: Finds Email Addresses in Seconds

The extension finds email addresses on your site all by itself. You don’t need to visit the necessary site, just specify the domain. The tool can break down the collected addresses by the field of activity of their owners: marketing, finance, tech support, sales, etc. You can also see the link by which the extension found the email.

Add the found emails to the list of leads. You can send an email to any of the found addresses without leaving the extension page.

The extension also allows you to create campaigns, check the correctness of email addresses and find the email of the right person by his name and the domain of the organization of interest. The free version has queries for 50 domains per month, but it is not possible to make the results unloaded in CSV format.

Document and Password Organizers

8. FYI: Easy Search and Convenient Storage of Documents

Solves the problem of long searches for documents stored in different services. After installing the extension, you need to select the tools you work with and the link between them. After that, the list of documents will pull up automatically. At the top of the interface, there is a bar for a quick search.

The list of people who have access to the documents is also displayed on the right – you can filter all the files that are available to a particular employee with one click. The extension allows you to create documents in various services with a single click of the “New” button. You can also upload files from your computer to the interface, but you need to install the FYI application on it.

9. Keeper: Password Manager and Repository

Allows you to store and manage all the passwords that are used in the Chrome browser in a single interface. The advantages that the tool provides:

  • no need to write down and remember passwords – they are automatically stored in the extension;
  • you can use it to quickly sign in to various services;
  • information about payment cards can be stored in the interface;
  • If you want you can set up a two-factor authorization code for different services.

Keeper stores all data in encrypted form. You can set your passwords for new entries or automatically generate complex and secure passwords.

You can store personal information in the extension to quickly fill out online forms. There is a security audit function for passwords and a tracking function in case accounts end up on a list of stolen passwords and usernames.

Text Validation and Translation

10. Reverso Context: Translate Based on the Context of the Sentence

The famous resource for translations has an extension with the same name that supports 11 foreign languages. After installing it you can simply highlight the text, and on the right side, the Reverso Context icon will appear. When you click on it the extension shows the ready translation – for the paragraph highlighted below it took 2-3 seconds.

When you go to the extension’s site, you will see a translation of the desired text with examples. You can also save any pages to a reading list so you can come back to them later at a more convenient time. View translation history and add pages to your favorites. The extension even allows you to translate subtitles from Netflix, Amazon Video, and other services.

11. LanguageTool: Corrects Errors in Grammar and Spelling

The extension supports 25 languages and allows you to quickly check text for errors – in Google Mail, Facebook, Twitter,and on any website. To check spelling in Google Docs you need to activate an additional plug-in from the G Suite Marketplace. When you write text in services that the extension supports, it will immediately indicate errors and their number.

You can also check texts on any site. Select the fragment of interest and right-click on it. In the menu that opens you will see the LanguageTool logo and “Check spelling and grammar”. When you click on it, you will get to the interface where errors are underline in red or yellow and their number  shown in a circle. When you click on it, you will see a list of errors and recommendations on how to correct them. You can do this immediately by clicking on the correct option.

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