Service Marketing write for us

Service Marketing write for us

Service Marketing isn’t just about selling a product for a business. There is something else called services. They’re like tuition, consultants, software designers, accounting, cleaning, medical care, etc; they’re not physical. And what is the definition of service marketing? And service functions.

Service Marketing Definition

Economic activities whose production is not a physical product general consumed at the time of their production and which provide an essentially intangible added value.

Today’s global service industry is growing faster than any other industry. Service sectors create more jobs and contribute significantly to GDP in many countries.

Features of the Services

The differences between goods and services based on these characteristics. And many of the strategies, tools, and frameworks have been developed based on these characteristics of the services. Here are the features of the benefits:


The most fundamental differentiator of service attributes is inviolability. Services are performances or actions rather than objects that cannot be seen, smelled, tasted, or touched like tangible goods.


Since services are performances often produced, consumed, and often co-created by people, no two services are the same. People can vary in their recital daily or even hour to hour.

Heterogeneity also results from the fact that no two customers are identical; Everyone has unique needs or experiences of the service.

Since services often produced and created with customers, customer behavior leads to variability and uncertainty, leading to heterogeneous results.

 Simultaneous production and consumption

Because most goods produce, they are then sold and consumed. But services are first sold, then simultaneously produced and consumed. Customers present during the production of services can therefore view and even help shape the production process as co-producers or co-creators of services.

Similarly, it also means that customers often interact during the service delivery process and influence each other’s experiences.


Expiry refers to the services that cannot save, stored, resolved, or returned, where there will only be consumption and production simultaneously. Unlike goods that can be stored as inventory, resold another day, or even returned if the customer is unsatisfied. A bad haircut cannot be returned or resold to another customer.


The definition of service marketing has to do with providing marketing for services. And those qualities that distinguish services from products. Many strategies, tools, and frameworks have been developed based on these characteristics. These features apply to all services, which is essential for any service provider.

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