PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics, which was invented by Thomas Boutell in the 90s. It’s a type of image file that’s perfect for web design. It creates a clean background or a semi-transparent image. PNG can be used by anyone who wants to enhance the size of their captured photographs, not just photographers or artists.

Users can make color adjustments to an image’s contrast and brightness. It could be an ideal solution for individuals who enjoy editing their photos. This is because this tool allows you to sharpen the edges, enhance contrast, and reduce the brightness of an image. PNG is the most widely used image format on the internet. Many individuals choose to use PNG because of its useful characteristics. GogoPDF is the greatest program available for converting PDF files to PNG. See for yourself how it can aid in the preservation of image quality.

PDF to PNG Convert Feature of GogoPDF

Use GogoPDF to convert PDF to PNG file to ensure the quality conversion and for free. GogoPDF makes sure that their PDF to PNG converter is comprehensive. When it comes to providing this PDF to PNG service, GogoPDF prioritizes quality. As a result, its PDF to PNG utility can generate a high-quality, exact, and accurate PNG image file in seconds. The layout, format, or orientation of the original PDF you’ve submitted will not be changed by GogoPDF or this PDF to PNG converter. The PNG image file created by this PDF converter should be of the highest quality attainable.

GogoPDF additionally assures that you can submit your most personal files to the server with complete confidence. It will safeguard your files and keep them safe from prying eyes on the internet who may wish to harm your data. This is especially important now since we live in a digital era where nearly every work is accomplished online. Your information is protected from unwanted access and misuse according to their privacy policy. Furthermore, your uploaded file will be deleted an hour after the conversion is completed.

Nothing will need to be installed or configured. To get started, all you need is a computer with internet connectivity and a gadget. Once you’ve done that, you can confidently convert your PDF to PNG. Windows, Android, Mac, Linux, and iOS are just a few of the platforms and operating systems that GogoPDF supports. It also runs with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, and other browsers. Also, because the website uses cloud storage, the storage on your device will not be affected.

Steps in Converting PDF to PNG Using GogoPDF

The methods are basic. Select “PDF to PNG” from the homepage after entering the website. Choose a PDF file to upload from your device. In any instance, your file will be uploaded to the server. GogoPDF will scan your PDF and begin the extraction process.

Wait for the conversion to be finished. You’ll see the PNG version of your PDF after a short moment, which you may save or share via email and other social media sites. Take note that your published file will be removed within one hour, so save it as soon as possible.

Other Features of GogoPDF to Use

Deleting PDF Pages

On your smartphone or in your computer’s file storage, PDFs are straightforward to keep and work with. However, if you discover that any areas of your PDFs contain information that is no longer needed, you will need to remove it using a special tool. There’s no need to be anxious because GogoPDF provides a free online utility. That is the delete PDF pages tool that will let you remove pages from your PDFs that you no longer require. As a result, rather than creating a new PDF file from scratch, you may eliminate unnecessary pages from your old documents, which is one of the advantages of using GogoPDF for your file needs.

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Splitting PDF File

With GogoPDF, you may divide or split large files into smaller ones. This tool can be used to construct sections, modify pages, and create attachments and single PDF files, among other things. With a few touches on your device, you can perform all of this quickly and easily. GogoPDF creates high–quality PDF files that keep your original file’s style and formatting.

Repairing Corrupted Files

For a variety of reasons, a PDF file might get corrupted, leaving it illegible and causing data loss. This isn’t a hopeless scenario, either, because GogoPDF can help you restore and recover corrupted PDF files. Because there are so many alternatives available online, you’ll be able to find various ways to improve or restore your file, but GogoPDF remains the best option.


Anyone can utilize GogoPDF’s fully functional convert feature for their PDF to PNG needs. It does the PDF to PNG conversion utilizing a converter that makes the process simple and quick. If you have a PDF file that you’d like to convert to PNG, GogoPDF can do it for you. PDF to PNG conversion using GogoPDF is basic and straightforward, with no challenges or issues.

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