Web traffic write for us

Web traffic write for us

Web traffic is the number of visits or visitors to a website over a defined period of time.

Why Is It Important For A Website?

It is important for a business or brand to have a high volume of traffic but also quality, as visits to a website can generate conversions:

orders for e-commerce sites,

guides through the discovery of a company and its services in the BtoB world,

In addition, thanks to the showcase that represents the site, this number of visitors is a relay for your brand image. Because of this, many websites run web traffic acquisition campaigns aimed at generating an increase in visits.

How To Generate Web Traffic On Your Website?

There are various marketing levers to increase the traffic of a page:

An effective natural reference,

Buy web traffic with good advertising channels,

The implementation of sponsored ads on social networks,

Implementation of paid referencing with the various channels of the Google Ads network, including Adwords

Run ads that allow remarketing…

The Different Types Of Traffic

Getting traffic is good, but having qualified traffic is better. Qualified traffic represents the most suitable traffic for a business for its services. It is therefore the one that businesses look for as it is the most relevant and therefore likely to increase a business’ conversion rate.

Likewise, depending on the origin of the clicks or access to the site, there are several types of traffic:

Direct Traffic

Corresponds to the traffic generated by visitors who type URLs into the search bar or bookmark the websit

Organic Traffic

Corresponds to the number of visits to a search engine

Reference Traffic

Referral traffic includes all visitors to a website from a link on another website. This is called a backlink

social traffic

Social traffic refers to traffic from social media and media…

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Web traffic Write for Us

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