Lottoland has long been considered one of the front runners of the online casino of the offshore casino industries. Since Lottoland began, many large reporting organizations have listed her as an industry leader. Business Insider in London called them a “World Leader in online Lotto”. Lottoland has been mentioned in Forbes, Business Live, News Wire, and many other publications. Why? How did this company gain such notoriety, fame, and respect in a relatively new industry in a few years? Why is the lotto betting leader Lottoland?

A step Ahead

The best in Gaming

The owners and leaders at Lottoland were hard at work long before Lottoland had opened to the public. When Lottoland opened they already had a good, working relationship with top slot game vendors such as NetEnt Games and Yggdrasil Gaming. These gaming experts supply casinos with the best-known games in the world. While Lottoland is an online casino, it is just as important, or maybe more important to have the best games ready for the people who sign-on. They were giving this new industry a chance, and Lottoland needed to deliver.


The best in Lotteries

Lotteries are everywhere. Lottoland was already giving them the opportunity to play and win from the comfort of wherever they were. Of course, they were going to have state-of-the-art cash handling, customer service, and internet service. It is important to note that their employees had to be trained to handle customers from several different countries and societies. They had to be educated, in the field of gaming and also in the traditions of what is acceptable in various parts of the world. They had to be the best in lotteries. They made sure their lotteries looked like the others, played like the others, and most importantly won like the others. They made sure their process was faster and clients got paid as quickly as was humanly possible. Then they made the other lotteries available to all of their clients. You did not have to live in Ireland to play the lottery in Ireland. You can look at lotteries that you never had access to before. You can try your luck and be thrilled with the results!

Lottoland wanted to be the best in the industry, so this wasn’t enough. Lottoland put their years of experience and knowledge to work. They created their own games such as Lotto X 5 where you can win up to 5 times with a single bet. They also include scratch cards and instant win games. They invented games where day-by-day customers can customize their selections. Sometimes they can select what draw day they would like. Lottoland offers plenty of promotions, they encourage syndicate betting which usually improves the odds of winning.

They are meticulous about keeping their website current with up-to-the-moment blog posts,  news, and information that is interesting, and helpful to the clients of Lottoland.


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Lottoland makes history – The first casino to gain their own Insurance


Lottoland is the first company in the gaming/gambling industry to institute its own insurance company. Fortuna Insurance PCC Limited, is owned by Lottoland Holdings Limited. Currently, it is the only gaming company that has managed this amazing accomplishment.

This is more than a sound and genius business financial decision. This move holds Lottoland up to the highest standards in regard to transparency and practice. The insurance has already proven itself. They paid €22 million which was won in 2016. Lottoland players have won over €900 million across the board. This solidifies the fact that Lottoland and Fortuna are a success, and they have just begun.

All of these things happened in the first four years of Lottoland’s business. It took a lot of planning and a lot of commitment. It took a dedicated team of people with the same vision.

While we are not foolish enough to believe Lottoland has let us in on all of their plans. However, it is clear that the plans we have seen in action have worked famously.

There was one thing Lottoland was very happy to receive during these early years. There was one pat on the back that made the workload a bit lighter. By 2017 Lottoland had serviced over 6 ½ million customers over twelve territories.  In the true measure of what makes Lottoland the leader of online lottery, we would have to say, their ability to satisfy their customers. Their commitment to be everything their customers are looking for in their casino vendors while enjoying the comfort and safety of their own homes. And, the satisfaction of seeing the same customers signing in night after night and bringing their friends.

We agree, Lottoland has positioned themselves as the leader of the online casino industry throughout the United Kingdom. We expect to see them go on to be industry leaders, perhaps throughout the world. If the immediate past is an indication of the immediate future, Lottoland is looking at a very bright tomorrow tomorrow.

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