If you would like to buy Bitcoin with credit card, but don’t know how crypto coins are usually acquired, this article is for you. Everything is quite simple: the procedure for buying Bitcoins is the exchange of money for Bitcoins. However, there are much more nuances that deserve special attention.

Find the Best Option and Buy Bitcoins Instantly

We are listing all the good options for you to buy and sell Bitcoin:

1. Traders

Any user of the Bitcoin network can buy Bitcoins with credit card no verification from another user directly. The buyer transfers money to the Bitcoin owner on the agreed conditions, and the seller transfers the coins to the buyer’s wallet.

The attractiveness of this method is the complete absence of any commissions and the ability to agree on a rate that is interesting to both parties. However, there are also disadvantages — it is a high risk of fraud. You may not receive your money back if the seller doesn’t transfer Bitcoins to you.

 2. Exchangers

You can buy BTC with credit card through an exchanger — a service that exchanges money for Bitcoins. Before sending your money, you need to choose an exchanger with a good exchange rate and make sure that its owners are honest. You can conduct a comparative analysis of exchangers using special rating platforms that rank services according to negative and positive user reviews, according to the attractiveness of the exchange rate and other parameters.

The advantages of buying through an exchanger with a bank card include the speed of acquiring coins and the simplicity of operations. It is enough to fill in a few fields, indicate the desired amount of Bitcoins, then confirm the operation. Then your money is sent as payment. Wait until the service system transfers Bitcoins to your wallet.

By the way, this operation is by no means instantaneous. It takes a certain time to wait — Blockchain technology, which underlies the Bitcoin cryptocurrency network, requires that other participants confirm the transaction’s legitimacy. The system must check whether there are Bitcoins on account of the exchanger and other operation parameters.

3. Exchanges

You can buy Bitcoins with credit card no verification for USD anonymously on a special cryptocurrency exchange app. There are quite a lot of such services today. These are platforms where users place orders to buy Bitcoins with debit card or sell a certain number of coins at a fixed price and then wait for a buyer (or seller) to be found. The exchange client doesn’t have to create an order and then wait until the counterparty is found. You can simply find a suitable offer and immediately buy coins.

The exchange app guarantees the fulfillment of mutual obligations between sellers and buyers, so users are insured against deception. The scheme of guaranteed execution of the transaction is quite simple, but at the same time, it is very effective. When creating an order, for example, for the sale of Bitcoins, the amount of crypto coins specified in the order is blocked on the seller’s account. Anyone can no longer withdraw them. To gain access to them again, you need to cancel the order. When the buyer accepts the application and pays for Bitcoins, crypto coins are automatically sent to the buyer’s account.

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In any case, the main thing is to be careful when you buy BTC with debit card. Don’t rush to change fiat money for cryptocurrency using the first available service. It is important to look not only at the rate offered by the service but also at other parameters.

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