If you thought sales is no more about what the customer sees, think again. The art of selling is as much about convincing the customer with words as with visuals. Interestingly, colors are an effective tool you can use to this benefit.

Research suggests that specific colors can stir specific emotions in customers, which marketing and sales teams can deftly leverage for enhancing brand relevance and influencing purchase decisions. 85% of shoppers have admitted their color is their primary reason for buying a product. If you thought it is impossible to predict the customer’s preferred color, you may want to read this article till the very end.

The following 10 colors affect sales interactions positively. Here’s why.


Red stands for power and is an immediate eye-catcher! It is the most widely used color when it comes to marketing (recall that all banners with the word SALE or BUY NOW are often in red). Red is also one of the most common tie colors flaunted by professionals because it gives the onlooker a sense of immediate recognition of power.

Red is best known for triggering action, which is why you should use it in all sales signs in brick-and-mortar and online stores alike. Use it effectively to drive impulse purchases and CTA buttons.


Blue stands for trust and calm. This is the most common choice of color when presenting headlines or even text bits that you want to subtly highlight. Websites often use blue to signify a selection. Most brand logos are in blue because this makes customers recognize them as safe and trustworthy.

Blue is perfect for background and conversion elements, especially for brands that deal with finance, medicine, or insurance – typically complicated areas that require a customer’s trust down the sales funnel.


The warm and inviting color green is the most pleasant on this list and stands for goodwill, positivity, health, and environment. Green is interestingly also the color of money, which is why it works wonders when you want to close the sales deal.

Green makes for a clever CTA and buy button choice, giving the customer a positive feeling about purchasing the product. It works best for sites selling electronics, even outperforming red.


The color of royalty, purple is the perfect choice when you want to signify the specialty, uniqueness, or premium nature of a product in your marketing activities. Purple is also used in sales to denote authority and influence customer decisions.


The most versatile color on this list, black easily blends into whichever mold you throw it into – traditional or modern, urging, or relaxing. Most luxury brands also use black to good effect, because of the power statement that this color can be. You can use black backgrounds or a black and white color scheme to denote simplicity and power, especially if you deal in luxury goods.


The color of energy, orange is a fun and cool color that makes you stand out as a confident, new-age company ready to break traditions. It makes the customer feel that you are more unconventional yet inviting in your approach. Youth-based companies and young startups will find it particularly profitable to use orange in their marketing material. Orange ‘Subscribe’ buttons work wonders by adding class and brightness at the same time.


Pink is a strong, eye-catching color that speaks attention out loud. The color is more often associated with females and hence is widely deployed for female-centric marketing campaigns.


Another powerful color, yellow can easily command the customer’s attention while giving them a sense of pendency, awaiting action. It is not calming and has come to be associated with intermediate actions, where you want the customer to take the next step.


Gold has always been associated with prestige and elegance, quite like purple, but on a much higher level. When combined with purple or green, gold stands for wealth. Marketers usually use such a combination when throwing light on sales and clearances to make the customer feel like there is a lot in store for them.

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This earthy tone works best when you want to give the customer a sense of relaxation or showcase a laid-back attitude. You can effectively use brown for brand marketing, where you are not inciting any sense of urgency in the customer – just effective storytelling that has a calming effect on their mind.

Final Thoughts

Color theory has become more essential than ever before for marketing and sales teams as most of their campaigns and interactions have gone online. Despite the long list of colors that help boost conversions and sales that we have mentioned in this article, there is always room to accommodate your brand colors in the first place in campaigns.

As a prominent marketing communications agency, we specialize in assisting with strategic, carefully crafted visual communications content for maximum impact, and colors play a key role in this quest. They not just shape your brand identity but also help retain its memory in the audience’s mind. An effective combination of the right colors for marketing is a daunting task for sure, but with immense potential.

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