Take a look at 10 Real Estate Websites That Are Truly Inspirational. Hire real estate web developers with excellent knowledge of RETS MLS.

Behind every good start is good inspiration. So if you’ve been looking for an MLS web development company, here are some inspiring real estate websites. Selection criteria include design, performance, mobile device compatibility, and accessibility.

1. Zillow

The website is coded with the Java programming language, which uses the YUI JavaScript framework. It uses web analytics tools such as comScore and Google Analytics and host on an Apache Tomcat 4.1+ web server. The website load time is 1.12 seconds.

Zillow is the leading rental and real estate market. The website maintains a database of more than 110 million homes in the US, including homes for sale, homes for rent, and currently off-market, as well as Zestimate home values, rental zestimates, and other housing-related information. The website visit by a record 44.19 million visitors per year.

2. Briggs Freeman

Motorized by Drupal CMS from Root Info Solutions, a real estate websites development company, the website allows users to connect with real estate agents or brokers in their area to help them find their dream home. When you look at the high-resolution picture of luxury homes and ranches, do you doubt their performance? Charges in 2.26 seconds.

The real estate agent is based in Dallas Forth and dedicate exclusively to selling and purchasing luxury real estate. The company is often in the spotlight to showcase Hollywood celebrity listings.

3. Trulia

The website code using the PHP programming language. Monitoring of traffic and user experience is provided through web analytics tools such as comScoreGoogle Analytics and UASiteCatalyst. The website is hosted on the Apache 2.4.18 web server. The website takes an average of 3.04 seconds to load.

Trulia’s real estate websites connects users with brokers, property managers, and mortgage lenders, allowing them to seek solutions or professional advice at every step of searching, purchasing, and owning a home. The company is a subsidiary of the Zillow Group and is based in San Francisco.

4. Realtor.com

Coded with the Ruby programming language, the website usages the Ruby on Rails web development framework and is hosted on the Nginx 1.11.2Phusion Passenger 5.0.22 web server. It has analytics backed by Google Analytics from comScore and UANew RelicSegment. The payload time of the website is 2.13 seconds.

Realtor.com has been in the industry for approximately 20 years and serves as a trusted platform for home buyers, sellers, and dreamers. The website is operated by Move, Inc., a subsidiary of News Corp, under a perpetual license to operate realtor.com from the National Association of REALTORS.

5. Yahoo!

The website uses a JavaScript framework called ReactModernizrYUI, and it host on the Apache traffic server. While not an independent real estate website, it offers real estate news, trends, and insights worldwide. The website loading time is 1.87 seconds.

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6. Homes.com

Homes.com as a loading time of 1.60 seconds. The website uses JavaScript libraries including Modernizr, JQuery, Angular JS, and D3 JS. The web analytics service derive from Google Analytics.

The agent offers solutions for buying, renting, and selling real estate in and around Manhattan, Huntsville, Colorado Springs, Detroit, San Francisco, and Texas.

7. MSN

The website offers news, trends, and knowledge related to the real estate market worldwide. The website uses various technologies such as ASP.NET Framework, Chartbeat and ComScore Analytics, JavaScript libraries, including JQuery. The website has a low loading speed of 1.09 seconds.

It’s not precisely a portal dedicated to real estate, but you get significant traffic with searches for buying and selling homes or real estate.

8. AOL

The real estate website developers behind this website have carefully used several technologies, including Apache usage statistics, JavaScript libraries like JQuery. The website takes 2.40 seconds to load on an average computer.

Again, this is not a real estate website, but homebuyers from around the world visit the site to gather information on properties for sale, property price trends and get advice.

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