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Bed Bug Treatment Walmart in Pennsylvania is facing a bedbug infestation after someone released the parasitic insects in a men’s changing room, state police said.

A manager at the store in Edinboro found a closed pill bottle with live bugs crawling inside and reported it to authorities Thursday, police said in a release. The bottle was found inside a boy’s jacket for sale.

A Walmart employee later found a second closed pill bottle containing dead bedbugs in the men’s department, police said. Edinboro is in the northwest corner of the state, near Erie.

A third-party pest management service has visited the store, and we are working with them to assess the following steps,” the Walmart spokesperson said. “In the meantime, we have blocked off the impacted area.

State Police are investigating the matter and looking for the person or people responsible.

Bedbugs are “small, flat, parasitic insects. That survive by feeding off the blood of people and animals as they sleep, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

They do not spread disease but can leave itchy bite marks, leading to an allergic reaction for some people. While extremely small, bedbugs can live for months without feeding.

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Best Overall: Ortho Home Defense Bed Bug Treatment Walmart

Bed Bug Treatment Walmart

Ortho Home Defense Bed Bug Killer is your best option if you are looking for a versatile way to combat a bed bug infestation. 1.5 gallons of quick-acting solution will kill bed bugs on contact. And it also kills eggs, which means you can spray it directly into nests or crevices and crevices where insects can lurk.

Ortho Home Defense Bed Bug Killer stands out in its battery-powered rod. Use a stick to spray continuously onto the baseboard, mattress edge, and curtain top. Since the formula is non-staining, you can spread it without any problems. Instead of a spray or spray can, the nozzle ensures an even application.

Best Spray Bottle: Harris Black Label Bed Bug Treatment Walmart

If you want a handy, ready-to-use bottle of bed bug repellent on hand, the Harris Pyrethroid Resistant Bed Bug Killer is a great choice. This highly effective formula is formulated to kill even the toughest bed bugs that have become resistant to pyrethroid pesticides. This spray sets it apart from bed bugs because it offers residual protection from remaining bed bugs for up to 16 weeks.

Best Powder: Bed Bug Treatment Walmart CimeXa Insecticide Dust

Skip the diatomaceous earth and head straight for CimeXa insecticidal powder for a durable and practical bed bug powder. Crimea a bed bug powder made from a manufactured silica powder instead of diatomaceous earth, which is a natural substance. Both products work on drying out the exoskeleton of bed bugs, which eventually kills them. The silica in CimeXa essentially acts like a sponge to absorb water from the insects. At the same time, the diatomaceous earth scrapes the cuticle that protects the exoskeleton, making it difficult to retain moisture.

Best Natural: Bed Bug Treatment Walmart Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer

Bed Bug Treatment Walmart

If you are worried about harsh elements and looking for a natural bed bug spray, try Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer. This bed bug spray has a natural formula and is non-staining. Many people with small children or pets appreciate the fact that Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer is free of harsh chemicals. The procedure has a noticeable scent due to the vegetable oils, but most users did not find it offensive, especially since it is entirely natural.

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