Gone are the days when one had to spend hours at post offices to send out mail. Technological advancements are the drivers in the 21st century, making things efficient and effective. One such prevalent application of technology can be seen in the form of a franking machine.

These machines can seamlessly evaluate all the postages and determine the ideal postage for your mail. This helps eliminate all the clutter and hassle from your mailing requirements. As a result, many businesses use franking machines regardless of their scale and industry.

But how do you choose the right franking machine for your business?

Evaluating The Benefits Of Using Franking Machines

Selecting the apt franking machine for your business can be complex. So let’s first start with understanding why your business needs a franking machine in the first place. Some of the most well-known benefits of owning a franking machine include:


It is no secret that money and cost make your posts go around. You can find many businesses complaining about the cash they have to spend on postage. Franking machines are exactly what you need to bring down such costs. Using franked mail can help you mitigate costs to a great extent. The cost of printing and sticking your stamps can now be a headache of the past.

Professional Marketing

Every business strives to showcase its professionalism. A franking machine can help you realise that goal in no time. The professional-looking stamps from franking machines can help enhance the credibility of your business in front of others. You can even customise the envelope to add your business and brand logo.

Precise Postage Costs

Every franking machine comes with an in-built scale to ensure accurate weight measurement. As a result, you can confirm that your postage costs will always be accurate. This eliminates the need for dealing with complications associated with over or underpayment. You can then use this time to focus your efforts on other value-driven tasks.


Digitisation has eliminated all accessibility barriers businesses dealt with earlier. Consequently, you can enjoy unmatched flexibility to send your emails at any time of the day or night. So, no need to panic about any unexpected mailouts or urgent jobs anymore because your franking machine has your back.

Seamless Calculation Of Tax Returns

Franking machines will always keep track of all the postage costs you incur. As a result, you can seamlessly make claims for these expenses on your tax returns. You can even access printed reports of expenses through them.

Selecting the Right Franking Machine For Your Organisation

Made up your mind to empower your business with franking machines? Before you rush to get one, there is another important consideration you need to keep in mind. Since different businesses have different mailing requirements, it can be tricky to pick the right fit for your business.

Besides, picking the right machine is an imperative consideration that you need to think through thoroughly. Failing to choose the right franking machine can result in adverse complications in the long run. Certainly, this is not something you do for your business.

So here are some considerations that you need to keep in mind when buying a franking machine.

  • Mail Count: The first thing you need to clarify is the volume of mails you send out in a given period of time. When your requirements are in bulk, you will automatically need a larger machine to suffice those requirements. Besides, most features and functionalities in franking machines are designed to cater to your requirements. So make sure you have a clear idea about the number of mails you send out.
  • Choose The Right Vendor: There is no shortage of franking machine vendors in the market. However, each of these vendors has its unique offerings in terms of pricing. Choosing the right one is key to ensuring you make a safe investment that ensures better returns. So feel free to research and evaluate the quotes from different sellers.
  • Speed And Volume Of The Machine: Different franking machines are designed to cater to different volumes and at different speeds. However, there is no corresponding relation between speed and volume. For instance, some franking machines can process great volumes but at an unfavourable speed. So make sure to get these things sorted out beforehand.

What Are The Options You Have?

After you have made the aforementioned considerations, it is time to evaluate your options. In most cases, franking machines are available in three levels so let’s check them out.

Low Volume Franking Machines

These are the ideal franking machines for small businesses. Low-level franking machines are designed with an operational capacity of 25 items a day. So if you are an entry-level business, this machine is the ideal fit to help you save costs while enhancing credibility.

Medium Volume Franking Machines

Does your business send out 25-50 letters a day? If yes, the medium-volume franking machine is what you need. These machines are relatively efficient as they also come with automated feeders. Medium volume franking machines are engineered to simplify all your postal requirements.

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High Volume Franking Machines

If your postal requirements are high, then a high-volume franking machine will be an ideal fit for your business. These machines are designed to help you navigate through lots of posts, regular mailshots, extensive invoicing runs, and more. Besides, the high volume franking machines come with more advanced capabilities to make franking easier for your organisation.

Conclusion: Which Franking Machine Is Right For Your Business?

Wasting your time at post offices is no longer a feasible alternative for your business. So consider the offerings of different levels of franking machines and see how they fit your requirements. Also, leverage the tips above to make an informed decision for your business. Once you have a rough idea, you can reach the right vendor who will further guide you through the decision.

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