Standup comedians are some of the most entertaining people in the world, but making sure your event is ready for them can be complicated.  Whether you’re trying to hire someone who understands the importance of timing for a retirement party, or you want to find someone who can keep your teenager laughing at their birthday: these are the things to consider when hiring a standup comedian.

What Type of Event Are You Throwing?

What’s the theme or style of your event?  Will people be attending expecting a high-class gala-styled event, or will they be expecting a fun and flirty party?  Whatever mood you want to give off through your event should be decided early on so you can pick whether a comedian will work or not.  Of course, comedians can still be a great match for high-class events; they just have to make sure their content suits it.  

How Many People Will Be There?

How many guests are you expecting at your event?  Generally, a comedian does well in a crowd of at least thirty people.  If there are fewer than that, it can get awkward and leave the jokes feeling like they’re panning even if people are laughing.  If the audience is going to be massive, ensure that you have a good microphone and speaker system so that they can be heard while they’re on stage.  You don’t want to miss a single joke Nathan Hurd tells just because there’s no microphone at this venue.  

What’s Your Budget?

How much money can you put towards a comedian?  The average standup comedian costs between two hundred to seven hundred dollars an hour, depending on how big they are in the industry.  If you have your heart set on a specific comedian, it’s a good idea to contact them as early as possible to learn their rates so you can pay them a fair amount for their time.  If someone is out of your budget, consider scaling down who you’ll hire.  

Do You Have Space At the Venue?

How big is the venue the event will be held in?  Is there enough room for a comedian to stand on the stage?  Can they walk around?  Or is this an outdoor event with no real speaker system and no platform for them to stand on?  Consider if your venue is the best fit for your needs, and let the comedian know ahead of time so they can decide if it’s somewhere they can perform. 

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Does The Crowd Have a Similar Sense of Humor?

How does the crowd react to the comedy?  Although most standup comedians know how to toe the line and make sure everyone can enjoy themselves, some cater more to specific kinds of people who would do better in crowds similar to what they offer.  Get to know your audience’s sense of humor, and consider if there’s any comedian out there that can ensure everyone has a good time without hurting feelings.  

Hiring a Standup Comedian Can be a Great Choice!

Whether you’re trying to give your friends a laugh at a birthday party or you want to entertain at a corporate event, it’s a good idea to hire a standup comedian you can enjoy.  These professionals can make anyone laugh! 

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