Duplex Strainer

A duplex strainer, also known as a twin basket strainer, filter use to remove big particles of dirt and debris from gas, oil, or water piping system. A duplex strainer system, in most cases, comprises two independent housings for strainer baskets. Between the two boxes, a valve handle is also included to direct liquid flow to one filter while the other is being cleaned.

The valve in some strainers operates automatically, and the strainer self-cleans.

When the flow of a pipeline cannot stop, this type of filter utilize. Depending on the size of their NB, they can filter up to 40 m. Basket strainers are employed in industries where solid contaminants predominate. Unlike other types of filters, these strainers are relatively easy to maintain.

Duplex strainers widely use in a variety of industries, including the process industry, the power industry, the chemical industry, the oil and gas industry, the pulp and paper industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the metals and mining industry, water and waste management, the fire fighting industry, refineries, and petrochemical plants. Filters employee to remove hazardous elements that could cause a partial or complete failure of operations if introduced into the system.

What is the Function of a Duplex Strainer?

A Duplex filter, also known as a Basket strainer, comprises two separate strainer baskets housed together. The suspended solids are collected in a washable basket.

A valve handle place between the two baskets to prevent fluids from flowing to one filter while the other clean. Butterfly valves use to change the direction of flow.

What is the Function of a Duplex Strainer?

These strainers or filters employee in situations when the fluid flow cannot stop. For example, in fuel lines, lube oil lines, and so on, engines and equipment can fail fatally if the flow interrupt.

Duplex Filter Cleaning

Filters are cleaned regularly or anytime the pressure drops. Turn the filter over to the clean side to clean it. Check to see if oil is flowing through the purge cock on the filter you’re using.

Open the purge cock on the filter if it is not already closed. Open the cover and remove the filter element when the oil has stopped pouring.

When utilizing heavy fuel oil, use caution because it will be pretty hot. The filter compose of notched wire. The micron rate of filtering controls the size of the notched wire. Its size ranges from five to 35 microns.

Cleaning the filter element using kerosene and compressed air Replace the filter element and lid, then gently turn on and evacuate the air from the filter housing.

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How do Self-Cleaning Filters Perform?

Self-cleaning filters use system pressure to clean themselves. The stiff cylinder screen of the filter strains particles from the water supply, retaining the material inside.

This accumulation might cause a pressure differential between the intake and the exit. When the pressure differential reaches the specified control, a flush valve opens (usually approximately 7psi). This results in a low-pressure flow, allowing the suction nozzles to suck the particles out of the filter.

Benefits of Self-Cleaning Filters

The essential advantage of automatic self-cleaning filters is that they are low-maintenance, making them an excellent choice for distant sites because they do not require operator input.

Another significant benefit of industrial self-cleaning filters is that they clean themselves while the system is still running. As a consequence, the user saves money, energy, and time. They also have a small design that provides for installation flexibility.

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