Introduction: How Is Plan-Driven Development Different From Agile Development

Agile folks plan too, as we all should. Ideally, agile plans should be shorter in time span and therefore more precise. Further, I’d venture that agile actually plan more because they do it more often.

Ultimately, it’s not about making plans but about executing them. For some circumstances, it’s easier to plan upfront than others.

The risk is always there, but you can pick a time that will make the plans easier and more beneficial

The Agile Methodologies Are Different Product Development Approaches That Adhere To The Values And Principles Outlined In The Agile Manifesto For Software Development. Delivery Of Small Pieces Of Driven Functionality Through Small Self-Organizing Cross-Functional Teams Allows For Frequent Feedback And Course Correction As Needed.

How Is Plan-Driven Development Different From Agile Development Management Traditional Of Projects

How Is Plan-Driven Development Different From Agile Development

Driven Development more of the world agile referring to software Traditional development and project management methodology.

The business world is changing faster and faster and this is why companies are reviewing their processes, approaches and methodologies to adapt faster and differentiate themselves better.

Traditional Project Management

The established Methodology Where Projects are executed in a Sequential cycle. It follows a fixed sequence.





The Traditional traditional project management approach places special emphasis on linear processes. And also,  documentation, advance planning, and prioritization. With the traditional method, time and budget are variable and the requirements (what we have to achieve) are fixed, due to this there are often budget and deadline problems. For each step there are tools and techniques defined by the standard that marks the PMBOK methodology .

How Is Plan-Driven Development Different From Agile methodology come from

In 2001 A small group of people tired of traditional ways of managing Software agile development projects, created the Agile Manifesto. It is an improved method of managing software development projects.

The agile Methodology  has four important assessments:

The focus should be placed more on people and interactions than on processes and tools

Running software is more important than extensive documentation

Collaboration with the client is more important than contractual negotiation

The process should be responsive to change, rather than following a plan

Agile software development Was 12 principles :

  • Therefore, highest priority is to satisfy the customer through the continuous delivery of software with value
  • Secondly It is always accepte that requirements change, no matter how early or late in the project
  • Functional software delivered in a short period of time
  • Both developers and business managers must work together on a daily basis throughout the project
  • Information more easily transmitted face-to-face
  • You have to motivate people by creating an environment of appreciation, trust and empowerment
  • Running software is the primary measure of progress
  • The agile process promotes sustainable development
  • Continual attention to technical excellence and quality in design improves agility
  • Simplicity is a vital part of good agile management
  • Self-organizing teams produce the best architectures, requirements, and designs.
  • Lastly Teams must reflect through review and adaptation to be most effective

 Benefits of Agile Software development

Software developers held agile meetings. After experiencing the limitations of the waterfall development model, they were looking for a more efficient process to analyze the development process. The approach they used overcomes the problems related to the philosophies and processes of classical methods.

Agile Investor Commitment and satisfaction

The Was agile methodology creates many opportunities in each meeting to achieve a sincere commitment between. Therefore, team and the investors. Since the client is actively involve in the project there is ongoing collaboration between all parties. Therefore gives the team the opportunity to fully understand the customer’s vision.

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