This step by step guide will teach you how to salvage data from a wet or spilled laptop. It covers everything from what to unplug to how long to let it dry and more.

This helpful guide walks you through the steps to salvage and reuse data from a spilled or wet laptop. Our guide is designed for those who need to access their data immediately, but know little about best practices or the inner workings of a hard drive or computer. Use this step-by-step guide and tools to get your files back as fast as possible.

Computer spills can be scary, but they don’t always mean lost or data. With the right equipment and a little know-how you can salvage data from wet laptops yourself – as long as you act quickly. Start by powering down the computer, if it’s not already off, and pull out the battery. Dry off any standing water with clean towels and a dry cloth, then remove any components that could be affected. (These are things like sound cards, memory chips, and other detachable components.) Use a hairdryer set to low heat to further dry off the components, and make sure all of your equipment has had time to thoroughly dry before replacing them into your computer. If you believe there was any damage due to overheating, do not power on your laptop until it has had a chance to cool back down.

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Do you have water or liquid spilled on your laptop? Or do you suspect a spillage might have occurred in the past? Don’t panic, there is still hope!

You’re out of the office and you spill your water bottle over your laptop. Your first instinct is to panic, but don’t. We’ll help you find out what you can do to mitigate the damage and potentially save your data from a drenched laptop.

If your laptop has experienced contact with liquid, the first thing you should do is shut it off and remove any power source. Leaving it on can cause serious damage to the internal components, and will almost certainly make recovery more difficult. If you do have a hard drive that needs to be dried out, there are many things you can do to help reduce its chances of being damaged beyond repair. A lot of people think that a good idea is to put the hard drive in a baggie with dry rice. This probably won’t do any good, and may interfere with the actual methods used for recovery. Before you start trying to recover data from your wet hard drive, here are two important things you should know: 1) Any residual liquid left in the device must be removed, or it will crystallize due to temperature swings, causing permanent damage 2) Hard disks need to be opened in a clean room environment so they can be cleaned of contaminants, washed and properly dried without risk of further harm.

This easy-to-follow guide to salvaging and cleaning laptops that have been spilled on is here to help with solutions to common problems like this.

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