One of the things associated with Japanese culture is a Samurai Sword. Regardless of whether or not you want to use a samurai swords, it’s important to know about its features. This is because there are many swords on the market to make it hard to choose the right one. After all, there are also some sword suppliers that don’t offer authentic samurai swords. This post explains the key features to look out for when buying a samurai swords.


First of all, it’s worth noting that the styles of Japanese swords and European swords tend to differ. With Japanese swords, they usually have unique designs that are known globally. But it’s also crucial to look out for details. If you decide to purchase an authentic sword, then you should know that the designs tend to represent various times in the history of Japan. They can also represent different rules, events, and dynasties.

Therefore, it’s important to know this, especially for collectors so that you can avoid purchasing fake swords. Keep in mind that you can find different types of swords like Tachi, Uchigatana, Daisho, and many more. Each of these swords is associated with different parts of the country and different parts of history.


Another important thing you need to check before you purchase a samurai sword is the quality of the steel. Today, there are many manufacturers out there that are producing replicas. Therefore, if they don’t follow the same manufacturing process, there is a good chance the swords cannot be durable and may be of low quality.

On the other hand, there are some manufacturers that are using advanced technologies when it comes to forging. As a result, they can produce swords that are of higher quality than those made in the past. But to find an authentic sword, you need to focus on the traditional models. 

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High-end details

It can be hard for newbies to sword forging to figure out if they are purchasing the right sword or not. One of the things related to authentic swords is that they have a thin blade and are lightweight. Hence, you need to check the edges.

With authentic samurai swords, they usually come with special marks representing the swordsmith or even the area where the blade was forged. For instance, the hamon process is represented by the Mon mark. This gives a special appearance with a unique type of heating. Further, the surface of the blade resembles a mirror.

That said, authentic swords also have hilts with special designs. This is a crucial feature because if there is no good balance, there cannot be flexibility. The samurai swords usually have narrow handles. This allows you to have a strong grip when holding the sword. Aside from the quality, the design of the sword can also make a huge difference while using it. Authentic swords tend to have high-end details and special marks to help you identify their origins.

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