Vape coils are essential elements in a vaping device because they have a significant role in heating the liquid and producing vapor. Therefore, maintenance of the coil is necessary whether one just started vaping or is a seasoned vaper. Replacing the coil is part of that maintenance, and this ensures one has an extended lifespan with the vape device. However, if you’ve not had a coil replacement for a long time, you’ll have an unpleasant vaping experience due to the deterioration of the coil in condition and quality.

Sometimes it can be evident that the coil needs a change, whereas, at times, one may not know that it’s time to get a new one. So how do you know that the coil needs to get changed? It all depends on the frequency of use, heat levels, coil resistance, and the device. Due to the difficulty of covering all these specifics without knowing each, this article ensures you get the basic hints on the correct time to change the vape coil.

Experience A Burnt Taste

The most important indicator that you need a change in your coil is when you start experiencing an unpleasant burnt taste from your vape. This foul taste results from vaping a dead coil resulting from extensive heating and potential burning of the vape liquid. The vape juice you use here doesn’t matter; know that you need a change if you feel this burnt taste. If you don’t do it quickly and immediately, there is a risk of damaging other parts of the device.

Besides that, you risk inhaling dangerous heavy metals used in the device. However, if you try cleaning your vape, you may buy yourself a few more days to vape but as there’s no guarantee to doing this, get the best replacement vape coil as soon as possible.


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Production Of Gurgling Sounds

Vapes should not gurgle or bubble. Gurgling sounds from your vape device are not a good sign as these originate from your vape coil. This happens if your vape coil isn’t heating up effectively or as it’s supposed to. Hence no optimum atomizing of the e-liquid leading to flooding of the liquid in the vape-wicking material as it’s not drawn correctly.

In addition to the coil malfunctioning, the battery could be an issue, or the coil doesn’t fit properly. However, the first part to check is the coil, as it may be old or damaged. After changing the coil but you still experience the sounds, you should check other parts or purchase a new device altogether.

A Weak And Off-tasting Vape Juice

Your e-liquid should always have the same taste from the first hit to the last. However, the coil has a problem when it starts to have a funny taste or doesn’t taste as it should. For instance, you have been using the same flavor for some time, then it’s suddenly weak or tastes off. This will indicate a change in the coil. A bland taste results from a burnt-out coil hence weakening your e-juice. In addition, older coils can give you lingering flavors of a previous liquid you used despite changing to a different liquid.

Therefore, if you switch to a new coil, you get rid of this issue altogether. So, if your hits give you diminished flavor or one without a full flavor, ensure you change the coil.

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When A Vape Device Starts To Leak

Do a proper check-up of your vaping device if there is a leak of the vaping liquid. There could be many reasons for a leak, like worn-out O rings, tank overflow, or a faulty vape coil. If the vape coil is old or too damaged, it potentially risks leaking into other areas like the battery from time to time, causing more damage. Therefore, if you experience this and use an open system vape device, disassemble your device.

It gives you a chance to clean it and thoroughly and check the cause of the leakage, mainly focusing on the coil to check any apparent reason. However, if you don’t notice any problems but still your device leaks after assembling it, then you’re due a new vape device as leaks are not always related to bad coils.

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Poor Vapor Production

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The vape production rate is likely to reduce gradually with time as you vape. There is usually a lower vapor production as you come to the end of your coil’s lifespan. The coil struggles to heat the e-juice to vapor in a faulty coil, producing low vapor. Therefore, if you experience much fewer clouds than usual, yet the coil is in its early days, the device has a defect, especially with the coil.

Quick Steps On How To Change Your Coil

  1. Disassemble your device
  2. Empty the tank
  3. Pre-soak the coils wick
  4. Swap the coils
  5. Refill the tank


Besides the above reasons, how often you vape highly dictates the length of survival of your coil. The estimated time is two weeks to a month for regular light vapers, more than a month for very light vapers, and a maximum of two weeks for heavy vapers. Remember that your device needs a change as parts wear out or need an upgrade from time to time. Therefore, get accustomed to changing your vape coil so that you’re not caught short.

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