Not every student can afford to pay their school fees and other tuition-related payment. For this reason, many go for student loans. Although borrowing money from the government is more affordable, it takes time to get this approved. There are other ways to borrow money for school payments. This is by borrowing from private lenders.

A private student loan is a non-federal loan that helps a person pay for college-related expenses. When you don’t have a scholarship or federal connection, they are a great way to pay for school. You can compare student loan interest rates and find one that covers your financial gap and meets your needs.

There are several private loan options that students can choose from today. It is wise not to make a hasty choice and find the best private student loans that suit your needs. To help you out with a great start, let’s discuss some of the student loans you can choose and certain factors that can help you choose a good lender.

Types of Private Student Loans

There are several options to go for. Here are some of them:

Undergraduate Option

If you are studying for an undergraduate degree, then you can apply for this credit. The credit offers a competitive interest rate and most of the time comes with a lower rate if you decide to go for automatic monthly repayment. Many undergraduate credits require a consigner.

Parent-Student Option

This credit helps parents to assist their children in paying their college tuition. The loan will be taken under the parent or guardian’s name and it is the full responsibility of the parent to repay. This option is quite flexible as parents can refinance it to the student’s name when he/she has a job.

Graduate Option

Even after graduating from college, students can apply for this loan. It is mostly granted to graduates who have good employment history and creditworthy cosigners. They can find competitive interest rates than the rate for federal ones.

graduation options

Bar Examination Option

Preparing for the bar examination can be intense and time-consuming. Future lawyers might not have time to work as they are devoted to passing the examination. This credit option will cover the costs of living when preparing for the exams. If you would like to know more about the bar exams credit, check here:

MBA Credit

The fees for business school are always on the high side. Taking this credit can help fill the financial gap. While there might be MBA federal credit, going for the private ones are more convenient. You may get better interest and low originating fees.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Lender for Private Student Loans

Here are some factors that can help you make a good choice:

Consider the Interest Rate

Before making this choice, compare the interest rate of different lenders. Do they offer variable or fixed rates? Or do they offer both? Also, consider if there is a discount for specific requirements. For instance, some companies might offer discounts to students who signed up for automatic payments every month or those who repaid when in college.

Check the Loan Limit

How much would you borrow from this company? Is the lender capable of offering such an amount? Loan limits are very important to consider. If you would borrow a lot of money, it is best to choose a private financial institution that can afford that.

Consider Auto Pay Discount

Many private financial institutions offer a discount of 0.50% to students that enroll for auto monthly payments. Although this discount may look small, in the long run, it will reduce the total amount of what you end up repaying.

Consider the Fees

Before applying for a loan, it is wise to read through the application’s fine print. Check what other fees you were charged for. This can include processing, disbursement, and late fees. Ensure that there are no hidden amounts added. Compare the prices of different lenders before making a choice.

Check the Repayment Terms

Many private lenders offer a grace period to new graduates. They also offer flexible repayment terms. You wouldn’t have to pay in full till the grace period is over. Ensure that you check the repayment terms of the company you have in mind before you apply with it. Some grace period could last for 15 years. For more information on what the grace period is, read this article.

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Consider Unique Benefits

What would you gain from choosing the lender? Some benefits include an easy application process, cashback for excellent grades, no hidden or late fees, automatic payment, and ability to defer a payment, among others.


It takes a few days or weeks for your private loan to be successful. This depends greatly on the lender you choose. So when comparing private financial companies to choose from, keep the above-mentioned pointers in mind so you can make a good and well informed choice.

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