Famoid Vs. Goldstar Social – One of the most popular and loved social media platforms, Instagram holds more than 1.3 billion active users. The same is why it is not easy for any new user to gain overnight popularity on the site.

But don’t worry, as Instagram growth sites are here to help you in this regard. These specially designed web services bring more followers, likes, and views to your Instagram account to upgrade engagements.

And when we talk about these Instagram growth sites, Famoid and Goldstar Social are two popular names not to be missed. But wait, which one of them is more efficient and effective? Both of them are great for buying real IG followers, but one is clearly better than the other.

Well, keep on reading to find the answer. This article contains all known information and features to make a choice more straightforward. Let’s get started.

Famoid Vs. Goldstar Social- Which One To Choose?


Famoid was founded back in 2017, and according to their own words, they offer some premium-quality social media services. Currently, it is included in the list of the world’s most prominent followers providing services on the market.

In addition to Instagram, it provides followers for all other social media platforms, including Youtube and Facebook.

Critical Features

Highly Reliable Customer Support

Famoid promises that their customer care workers are available 24/7 at your service. And that they will respond to your messages within 15 minutes of span.

Hence, we researched to find the percentage of truth in their claim. And surprisingly, we found out that the promise is 100 percent true.

Refund Policy

A refund is something that aids in enhancing a website’s legitimacy standards. And Famoid claims to refund 100 percent of the order amount if users face any serious issue.

Appealing Packages

Famoid acquires 4 types of appealing packages for their customers. Details of which are mentioned as under

  1. Buy automatic likes: automatic likes are no less than a blessing for lazy people to promote their IG profiles. With this option, you get a good number of automatic likes, every time you post a new picture,
  2. Buy Instagram likes: the option is a simple way to use Instagram’s algorithm to your advantage. Just post a photo and buy Instagram likes for it from Famoid. This action will increase the number of new users discovering your profile.
  3. Buy Instagram views: some IG account holders post more videos than pictures. Hence, to them, views matter more than likes. So, if you are one of those, then this option is best fake id idtop.
  4. Buy Instagram followers: it is the most practical feature on the list. Shining on Instagram requires a good number of followers. And Famoid’s this option helps you to achieve them.

No matter what metric you decide to focus on, it’s important to realize that brands on social media love to see this type of activity, no matter how big or small an account might be.
Goldstar Social

Goldstar Social is another service for Instagram growth. The web service helps their customers increase their Instagram likes, views, and followers. Let’s have a look at its features for a better understanding.

Features To Know

Secure Site

Security and safety are some of the necessities of any Instagram growth site. And fortunately, Goldstar Social has proved itself as one of the most trusted web services in the world. hence, you can consider your HTTPS being not shared with any third party


Unfortunately, the website’s likes, views, and followers can not be called 100 percent legit and genuine as they have been noticed to vanish after a few days or months. And we all know that this thing can bring engagement levels down on your Instagram account.

Customer Support

Customer support is one significant aspect of any site. Yet, we found Goldstar Social’s customer support to be less reliable as it took more than 24 hours to answer a single query.

A Final Suggestion- Which One To Choose?

Both of the sites are very well known and famous. However, we would suggest all of our readers choose Famoid instead of Goldstar Social for the following reasons.

  1. It possesses more appealing options than GoldstarSocial
  2. Acquires a reliable customer staff
  3. Natural views, likes, and followers
  4. Nominal price range


On the bottom line, Famoid and Goldstar Social are two famous sites for purchasing Instagram followers and likes. And it’s also important to realize that the great majority of influencers on IG don’t really have millions and millions of followers organically or magically, they are likely buying followers or using some type of service to keep their numbers growing daily.

However, one should consider Famoid over Goldstar Social as it has more attractive and beneficial features than we have listed above.

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